Just the Factors

January 13, 2010 at 10:14 am Leave a comment

This is a relatively common game but it is a good one.  It helps students recognize factors for a given product.  Reinforcing factors helps close the gap between with learning their multiplication and division facts. 

This game if for two players. 

Player 1 selects a number, circles it and records the number as points for him/herself.  

Player 2 finds all the proper factors (all factors except 1 & itself) and circles each with a different colored pencil or marker. 

Player 2 then adds up all the numbers they circled and records it as point for themselves. 

Players alternate positions, selecting numbers from the remaining numbers, until there are no factors left.  (Selecting a number that has no factors left on the board is an illegal move and does not count as points. 

Players add up all their points and player with the largest score wins.


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