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1st Grade Mango Math Activity Example: Golden Hexagon

Even with our favorable product reviews we know it can be difficult to spend money on anything these days  “sight unseen”.  To try and alleviate that concern, we have spent a lot of time on our blog and website trying to provide detailed product descriptions of our math curriculum products, including product reviews, charts comparing our math crates vs. math totes, overviews of each lesson in each grade level and how they map to NCTM math strands, and pictures.

We have now added slideshows!  For each of our grade level crates, we have chosen one activity and created a self-contained slide show that provides more detailed pictures and instructions for that lesson that we hope will give teachers and parents a better sense of what to expect when purchasing our math products.

For example, Golden Hexagon is one of our 1st grade math activities.  Like all of our activities, Golden Hexagon is a colorful, hands-on and reusable.  The objective of Golden Hexagon is  to allow students to explore equivalent values and associative properties.

If there is more information you would like to see or that you think might be helpful to someone evaluating our products, please let us know!


Mary & Jill
Co-Founders, Mango Math


February 23, 2010 at 4:29 pm 2 comments

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